Design and Engineering


Our team of designers, engineers and architects have experience in the design of residential, commercial, industrial and agro-industrial buildings and facilities.
Our company performs a full range of design and estimate documentation in compliance with the Kazakh and international building norms, fire protection regulations, hygiene and environmental standards.
We are used to work with international engineering companies and we can adapt foreign projects to Kazakh technical norms and standards. Design is usually developed in the software package REVIT (3D), which allows us working faster and achieving a high-quality result.
Ertle Stroy offers a wide range of design services:
⦁ Conceptual design & master plan
⦁ Site design
⦁ Urban land development plan
⦁ Design documentation
⦁ External nerworks connection projects
⦁ Construction documentation
Besides design for all project stages, Ertle Stroy can provide coordination in Government Bodies, project presentation in the local Administration Bodies, obtaining of Initial Permissive Documentation, Technical Specifications and Building Permits.
Based on our accumulated experience in design services, Ertle Story is ready to serve its Customers for their maximum benefits in accordance with project requirements on time and on budget.