Civil Works

Civil Works are general construction works necessary for the construction of buildings. Depending on the contract, these works may include the preparation of the construction site, geodesic works (geodesic surveys, centering), arrangement of foundations, walls, slabs, infrastructure, fit-our works and site fencing.
Civil works can be split into the following stages:
⦁ Pre-grade or preparatory works – clean-up works and dismantling the existing objects on site if necessary.
⦁ Earthworks – works with soil (back-filling, piling works).
⦁ Stoneworks – construction of stone structures (walls, supports, columns, arches etc.) of stone and bricks.
⦁ Concrete and reinforced concrete works – production of concrete, its transportation and casting concrete mortar in special cast form works; joint grounting between precast units.
⦁ Installation of structures is one of the main technological processes in construction. Most industrial buildings and structures are built of reinforced concrete and metal structures. Optimization of installation methods are realized through technical and economic analysis, taking into account such factors as structural features of the building, component weight, site and required areas relief, availability of installation equipment, deadlines for construction.
⦁ Roofing services – roof installation, warmth-keeping, roofing maintenance, roof repairs, reroofing.

Ertle Stroy can act as your General Contractor to organize all construction process, select subcontractors and coordinate their work.